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A Treatment By Egle Pazarauskaite | Henna Spa Brows

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Henna Spa Brows

60 mins (€30.00)

Henna Spa - its new unique technology of brows spa-tinting with tatoo effect.Tinting by henna will allows to make brows more expressive and mask gaps in the eyebrows. Spa-care allows :

  1. Make a maximum colour effect - shampoo cleanses hairs in the brows and open hair shaft for more deep pigment infiltration without ammonia.
  2. Tinting result for the period up 6 weeks on hair and up 3 weeks on skin.
  3. Make a uniform and deep colour on skin by right preparation of the skin before the procedure (cleaning and removing of dead skin cells). 4. 7 colours for the choice.


Call Now: +353 (0)41 987 3636

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