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A Treatment By Egle Pazarauskaite | Carrotinol Peeling (Enzymatic Massage Peel)

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Carrotinol Peeling (Enzymatic Massage Peel)

90 mins (€40.00)

For mature, sun damaged skin (hyper-pigmentation or with a rough texture due to accumulation of dead skin cells attached to the surface); delicate skin with poor tolerance of chemical peels; delicate combination skin (that used to be oily skin) that requires exfoliation to obtain a smooth texture that helps in maintaining hygienic conditions while avoiding over- drying. Effect: a mildly achieved removal of dead skin cells, for smoothing the skin and promote skin renewal; restructuring the skin’s lipid protective layer for improving its barrier function and combatting moisture loss; enhancing the absorption of active ingredients.


Call Now: +353 (0)41 987 3636

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