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IBX System

20 mins (€10.00)

The Benefits of the IBX System

This innovative two-part system offers revolutionary benefits:
Under Gel Polish
Creates a protective shield for the nail
Reduces white spots that tend to occur with the use of Gel Polish
As a Natural Nail Growth Treatment
IBX Repair is used to repair severe nail damage to set the stage for growth
IBX toughens the upper layers of the nail plate allowing nail growth
With multiple treatments fills up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail plate
Natural nail colour and appearance improved 
(From €5)

Call Now: +353 (0)41 987 3636

Acrylic Nails

90 mins (€40.00)

Have been a staple in the beauty industry for years ,and this staying power has contributed to their ongoing popularity. Acrylics are applied using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer to create a hard protective layer over your natural nails. Acrylics only harden when exposed to air. When the acrylic hardens ,it provides a perfect canvas for applying nail colour.

Gel and Acrylic nails have similar results. They can lengthen short nails ,strengthen nails ,and make your fingers look longer and more slender.

Acrylics are very strong .When done correctly and with proper nail care ,they can last a long time, ~6 weeks and are very robust. I am working with Kinetics powders which have a very high quality.

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